Want to talk about getting together? Great!

Make a strong introduction! In order to get a reply, I'll need your name, contact information (email only), where online you found me, and desired time and location details. Share as much about yourself as you'd like, approaching our correspondence as you would on a traditional dating website. For screening, I need one of the following, in order of preference:

  • References from two providers that you've met recently - please include an email address and website or social media link for each

  • A link to somewhere verifiable I can find you online, such as a company website, that includes a photo from which I could easily recognize you in person

  • A blank email from a verifiable work or school account sent to an unlisted email address of mine (archerconsultingla@gmail.com)

  • A picture of your ID

As annoying as such details may be, I need to feel comfortable in meeting you. Thanks for understanding!

Please note that my schedule tends to fill up quickly, so keep that in mind when suggesting a date. You can make finding a time to meet easier by looking at my travel schedule first and including general details about your schedule, such as what days and times tend to work best, or dates of an upcoming trip. 

I strive to set aside time each day to respond to emails, but this is not always possible. To ensure that I'm able to respond to you as quickly as possible, make sure your information is complete and that I'm around on the date you are requesting.

Looking forward to meeting you!


In the meantime, you can always find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Learn more about all of that fun stuff here.