Ah, so you really do want to meet me?

Thank you for your interest and for carefully reading
through the nitty-gritty details.

I love going on dates with respectful admirers! My life is enriched by building relationships with interesting, complex, people from all walks of life. How often does life permit us to focus on nothing more than enjoying the company of another person? 

A few particulars - I accept cash (preferred) or credit cards safely and easily through PayPal with a 5% fee for processing. If using a credit card is an option you are interested in, please inform me prior to our date, and I can fill you in on the specifics. Payment is for my time and companionship only, and it is not negotiable. Additional fee applies for if you'd like to take photos or video to remember our date or if you'd like me to travel more than thirty minutes' travel from my place to see you. Once you've been screened, feel free to inquire about these kinds of arrangements. 


And when do we make this happen, you may be wondering?

My schedule tends to fill up very quickly, so I try to reduce confusion by keeping my website up to date. I also post updates on my Twitter page.

Please note that I may not respond (at least immediately) if you email me about a date when I am not available in the city that you requested. If you're flexible about the day and time, feel free to say so in your greeting, and let me know what typically fits with your schedule.

When I'm flitting about the City of Angels, I prefer weekday daytime trysts. Advance notice goes a long way in accommodating your scheduling needs. Please note that I am never available on Saturdays in Los Angeles.

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Cities of Interest

FAQs and Other Details

When are you coming to my city?

As a selective girl with a laid-back lifestyle, I tend to only visit the cities where I already have dear friends. Still, I hope to see more of the world now that I've been released from the jaws of graduate school. I will make sure to post travel dates on my calendar well in advance and announce on my Twitter page.

We have a date planned. How should I prepare?

How prudent of you to ask! A few things to know:

Please do not arrive more than five minutes early if coming to my place. I do not feel comfortable arriving with anyone waiting outside, and I prefer to maintain an inconspicuous presence anywhere that I stay. If I arrive and notice you parked outside, I'm likely to leave. Similarly, please do not approach my building until I've confirmed that I know that you're there.

While it's ideal to arrive freshly showered, I realize that you might be coming from work or traveling. In that case, my bathroom is always stocked with everything you might need to freshen up beforehand. 

Oooh, and the most important thing - smile! Good things are about to happen.

Thanks for asking first! I expect people I share my time with to respect my privacy. If writing about our date is of key importance to you, then we are not a good fit.

May I write a review?

Acquiring new and unexpected knowledge is one of my greatest pleasures. I am always up for a lively discussion of anything that you're passionate about, culture, politics, science, the future, human nature, the meaning of life - you know, basic stuff. I'm really into science fiction novels, cats, video games, vegan dining, music, and travel. You? 

What are your interests?

For moi?! Thanks! Especially for longer dates, bringing something light to snack on would be very sweet of you. I do have a few restrictions, though. I try to eat a very clean diet and am strictly vegan. Please do not bring animal products for consumption. I have also decided to abstain from alcohol for health reasons, though I don't mind if you bring something for yourself. If you're visiting me in LA, I often have craft liquor stocked and can make a killer cocktail. As for snacks, fresh fruit is always a safe bet!

I do adore presents - don't we all? If you're not sure what I like, check out my Net-a-Porter wishlist here and my Wishlist page. Right now, I'm focused on getting my new home perfectly presentable; Etsy and eBay gift cards would be very helpful, as well as anything from my currently evolving Amazon wishlist.

May I bring food, wine, gifts, etc.?